Yosemite/Groveland Cycling Camp Registration is now open!

Whats Included with my purchase?

  • Eight riding days
  • Lodging for eight nights
  • Dinner for 5 nights 
  • *3 nights we will eat at local restaurants / rider will need to pay for these meals. 
  • Ride snacks every 25 miles (longer rides)
  • Lunch (on road or cabin) for eight days
  • Continent breakfast nine days
  • S.A.G. (support and gear) crew
  • t-shirt

What will I eat?​

  •  Continental breakfast provided
  • Snacks provided every 25 miles on longer rides
  • Lunch provided either on road or at the cabin.
  • Simple dinners provided 5nights, but the kitchen is open for your own food prep either before or after the group dinner.

What if I my legs quit?

  •  Tour de Bicycling will customize your ride. If you start out on a 50 mile loop, but realize 30 will be enough... no problem. Just hop into the van and shuttle back to the cabin or enjoy the scenery and SAG with Stephen Peters and hear some RAAM stories. 
  • The Van can carry your hydration, gels, snacks, shoes (for exploring) and anything you need for a comfortable ride. 

 This year we are in a spacious, 7 bedroom cabin located only 6mi. from the Yosemite entrance gate. Stay in the middle of some of the most beautiful and challenging bike routes in the States. 

 Support vehicles can shuttle any rider feeling fatigue or having mechanical issues. Join TdB and ride through the stunningly beautiful, not so generous hills of the Stanislaus/Groveland area.


 Multiple route options daily. Each day has a 30mi,50mi, or 90mi route option. Be aware even the shorter routes average over 100ft of elevation gain per mile... beauty comes with a price.

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